Monday, April 15, 2013

Visitors from England: the lake

Wow!  We really had a wonderful time at Canyon lake.  We warmed Andrew's family that the water will probably be cold but that didn't keep us out of it.  There was enough sun to make up for the temperature.  I think we all wished it was a few degrees hotter but look how beautiful the lake was.  The desert even welcomed us on the way with some pretty spring flowers.  Arizona has such a beautiful desert!
 We did all the usual stuff: take turns on the kayak, eat some snacks, soak up the sun, splash around, collect shells and rocks and I happily recorded all these lazy-day-at-the-lake events.

The trip to the lake really fullfilled it's purpose to soak up some sun and simply spend time on one of the last days with Andrew's family.
What do you do at the lake?