Tuesday, April 9, 2013

visitors from England: a hike

One morning while Elliot was at school we took our family on a hike.  Having just hiked "A" Mountain on New Year's and remembering the short distance and lovely view at the top we thought this was just the hike for our hiking-inexperienced English family.
 It started out just wonderfully.  Carol was the least enthusiastic at the start but we assured her we would hike the least-steep trail.
 Woops!  We took the wrong turn and ended up hiking the steeper, but shorter side.
^ ^ This is what Carol felt about that! ^ ^
^ ^  Nev was impressed by the sheer size of the stadium behind him. ^ ^
Our inexperienced hikers proudly made it all the way to the top, only to turn right around and hike back the way we came.  Ha ha!  I don't think they understood that the point of the hike was to enjoy the view at the top, but we did enjoy good company the whole way there and back.
^ ^ Too tired to take her fingers out of her mouth but still had a blast! ^ ^
In the end most of us got the exercise we wanted (oh, the junk you eat while on holiday!) while someone squeezed in a little nap.

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