Sunday, June 3, 2012

kayak at the lake

You know how Andrew goes through phases of hobbies and such.  Some of his recent ones have included soap nuts, ukulele, knives, his phone - Stella, and now his Kayak.  We named it Sir Freedom Fred.  The last month or two Andrew kept talking about how fun it would be to have a kayak or canoe so when a neighbor had one for sale I snagged it up as an early Father's Day gift.  Andrew was thrilled so of course we took the first available opportunity to try it out.  We had some family come along with us to Canyon Lake and we had a blast!  Warning:  lots of pictures of Sir Freedom Fred, the newest addition to the Freeman Family!
This was a family outing we're definitely repeating soon!
Also, the photo below is close to my !
Grandpa with my girls.  They are quite smitten!


  1. If it's under 30 pictures, it doesn't count as a lot :)

    Gorgeous! I think a kayak would be a lot of fun. My dad did a canoe trip with the scouts and I was mega jealous.

  2. That sounds/looks amazing. I could use a day like that. Your family is beautiful! I found your blog via a comment on Bleubird and I'm so glad I did! Love finding a new great blog to follow!


  3. I love looking at your pictures on your blog Marilyn. :) It gives me a little taste of home. So I started a blog, but I have to have it locked so Garrett will feel alright about it. How can I invite you into having access to seeing it? It can be be accessed by