Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mexico vacation 2015

Last weekend we went with friends and family to Mexico for our first time. It was a dream vacation! The kids entertained themselves and the weather was perfect and it was so beautiful!
We need to take our family to the beach more often! It was s great way to start our summer break. Now that we're home and have all summer ahead of us I've been trying to give the kids something to look forward to every day.

Last week Elliot and Avery did science camp while Zara did girls camp at Sara's and this week Zara starts swim lessons and Avery starts ballet at a new studio. Elliot will also be taking hip hop and tumbling. Can't wait to see his new moves!
Earlier in the month I crashed our car so we bought a new van. We also bought a car from the Mannings so we have two cars again. Yay!!!!! Chris and Kristy moved to Missouri last week and we are so proud of them! Hopefully we can visit them soon! 

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  1. Spending summer days in Mexico was a great idea, given that there are lots of beautiful beaches in there, and there are also lots of historical places such as the Chichen Itza. Have you been in the Mayan Metropolis? Well, that's also a good place to visit in Mexico. In any way, thanks for sharing that wonderful experience, Marilyn! All the best to your family!

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