Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March summary

Last night for Family Home Evening we talked about our family tree.  We only went up a couple generations and the kids loved remembering everyone's names.  We talked about how we have temple work to do for Andrew's side of the family.  Last month Andrew took his first family name to the temple for an endowment session with the ward council.  I'm so proud of him for getting it started.  We love our family and want to get to know them better and be with them for eternity.  It was a good lesson.

The month of March was an expensive one.  Mostly good things!  We finally got a MAC desktop computer!  I'm using it now, in fact.  Still getting used to it.  We also replaced my broken phone with and iPhone6.  It's amazing how good it is compared to my last.  And, for once, I'm on top of technology! Ha ha!  We also got our AC unit repaired, but who wants to know about that?!

In other news Rupert developed exzema - new to me.  Mostly just on his face but i finally found a cream that is helping. We also went to the Easter Pageant last week and got to see our family in it.  This year Mom is still helping back stage, Dad is the High Priest with the rams horn for the second time, Ruth and Elmina are in the crowd, and Ammon is the Sadducee that says "Master, rebuke thy desciples".  He nailed it!  At the beginning of the month our brother-in-law in England, Richard Smith, had a 16 hour surgery removing a brain tumor.  I know!  He's only 25 too!  It was a big one and they had to leave part of it in but it's not cancerous and he's healing well.  He was discharged a week and a half ago and Claire, Andrew's sister, is due with their first baby on Friday.  A lot of prayers have been sent there way!  We can't wait to see this little baby.  A surprise gender, just like Zara was for us!  We also had spring break where we did something fun every day.  Sara had her birthday get together at the park, we had our first annual family whiffle ball bbq, I took the kids to see Cinderella and Rupert behaved.  Rupert also turned 6 months old and is crawling all over!

This all has really been a journal entry so thanks for bearing with me!  I haven't been much of a journal writer for a few years now (I used to be so great in my teen years!) but then again, I do have 4 children now.  There's always instagram though!  My next goal is to set up my favorite RadLab presets onto the new computer and start editing my photos from our England trip last summer and eventually post them here.  Fingers crossed it'll get done soon!

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  1. It's fun to get an update. My journal IS my photos. You are doing great!