Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day weekend

 I asked Andrew what he wanted to do for Father's Day and I gave him three options, all of which were family activities.  Go to the lake, go camping, or go on a hike.  He chose the lake, and this was our first lake trip this year!
^^ She was so excited to show me her treasures! ^^
^^ 25 weeks now ^^
^^ Elliot taking a spin on the kayak.  He's getting so big! ^^
 ^^ I'm convinced there is not a swimsuit on Earth made to fit Avery,
but after I took it in an inch or two it sufficed :) ^^
^^ He found a new area to discover on his kayak this time.  Such a good workout! ^^
Afterwards we got slurpies.  This might become a new tradition.  Happy Father's Day!

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