Monday, May 5, 2014

perfect park weather

Two weeks ago Andrew was out of town for work for five days.  Boo!  That Saturday we had the most unbelievably perfect cloudy weather so you bet we went to the park and stayed outside as much as possible!  It was our last chance to use our cardigans before packing them away with the rest of our winter clothes.  Elliot forgot a sweater so while the girls fed the ducks he kept his arm in his shirt for warmth most of the time.
This is my first Arizona summer pregnancy.  Wish me luck!
I edited these photos with RadLab.  Here is the recipe if you're interested.
obvious glasses - 20% strength
sugar rush - 80%
oh, snap - 45%
warm it up chris - 16%
meadowlark - 10%
vanilla kiss - 15%
lights on - 29%
punch out!!! - 11%
+ contrast (luma) - 38%

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