Monday, January 20, 2014


 Taking a picture of me with her compass while I take a picture of her with my camera.
Croquet crutches and a little backyard archery (a Christmas present).
 Elliot decided he wanted to make and sell rubber band bracelets (they're really cool right now) so I helped him make a sign and he set up a table and chairs out front all by himself and started shouting "bracelets for sale!".  I couldn't get him inside for dinner, he was so determined.  At the end of the day he said disappointed "I thought everyone would line up".  In the end he made $6 off our neighbor and that made him happy.  He makes me so proud!
 Zara doing what she does best.
Sleepy eyes.  She still sucks her fingers when she's tired :)
For the new year I moved around some of the furniture in the girls' room and living room.  You know, a fresh start.  I would love to buy that new rug for the living room and a new couch, etc . . . but this year we're going to England and that is more important!

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