Tuesday, May 14, 2013

chocolate cake for a special lady

 Avery turned 4 a month ago today.  She wanted a chocolate mint cake but settled for chocolate with lots of sprinkles.  I completely forgot to buy mint extract at the store, but Avery wasn't too disappointed   I love that about her.  She just goes with the flow most of the time, full of mirth and beauty.  Very free-spirited.
I had a mommy moment preparing her cake by putting only three candles on it.  Elliot had to correct my mistake. !!  I love this girl so much and have a lot to learn from her.  Something special about Avery is that she is the oldest granddaughter on both sides, so she'll always have someone looking up to her.  She's competent, I am sure.  She also shares her birthday with our anniversary, ^ ^ hence the flowers ^ ^.

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